What You Achieve

You enrich lives –Families on the cancer journey face insurmountable physical, mental and emotional obstacles. When you volunteer with you us you enrich their lives by allowing them to share moments of that creat forever memories and meaningful experiences. 

You turn patients into children – campers are used to undergoing treatments, doctor visits, physical restrictions and constant scrutiny. At Camp Korey, they are children first and foremost.

You support local families – for many families living with serious medical conditions, Camp Korey offers the first opportunity in many years for a vacation. Camp Korey’s extensive medical team helps parents feel a sense of peace of mind when their children are in our care. Similarly, our family weekends, provide opportunities to connect families to a strong network of peers who understand the same challenges.

You foster a community – campers, volunteers, staff, doctors, parents, siblings, and donors join together in support of Camp Korey’s mission. When you contribute to Camp Korey, you join an alliance to help sustain our programs and events.

Why We Need You

Camp Korey is free to all children and families, because childhood should never have a price.

The cost to provide an empowering Residential Camp experience for one child is approximately $2,500 per week. We call this a campership. Other programs, like our Camp to You and Family Weekends, have varying costs based on the location of program delivery and medical needs of the children.

Camp Korey is sustained through grants, corporate sponsorships, and the generous support of individuals and corporations.

Ready to take a deeper look? Contact us at info@campkorey.org or call (425) 440-0850.