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Morgan Kamille Frazier


In September 2006, at age 8, Morgan was diagnosed with rhab-do-myo-sarcoma, cancer that develops in the muscles of young children. She underwent intensive and aggressive treatment including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to fight cancer. After 1 year of treatment, Morgan’s future seemed brighter than ever, as she and her family received the news that her treatment had been a success and there appeared to be "no evidence of disease.”


Morgan quickly aligned herself with what would prove to be a part of God’s purpose for her life, teaching others the importance of service.  She enlisted the help of friends and neighbors and coordinated her first toy drive in December 2007.  One week before the first toy drive, Morgan’s parents received the news that her cancer was back and her options for treatment were limited.  



Although the return of the CANCER was devasting hear, she refused to give up and proceeded with the plans for the toy drive while becoming a patient herself again for the second time.  On Christmas Eve 2007, Morgan hand-delivered several hundred toys to the families at Texas Children’s Hospital.  The second year of Morgan's treatment did yield some progress but no cure.  



After another year of treatment, and now unable to walk due to the progression of the disease, Morgan chose to see her diagnosis as an opportunity serve rather than a sentence.  In early December 2008 she coordinated the delivery of over a 1000 toys to the Cancer Center at Texas Children’s Hospital. 


Two weeks later, on December 28, 2008, after intentional conversations with God and a visit with the angels, Morgan’s battle with cancer ended at age 10.


Morgan’s unique spirit and legacy of "serving others" continues to live on through,


The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation

The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation develops and provides programs that positively impact the social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of children and families affected by a CANCER diagnosis.

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