Psyhcosocial Services

Navigating all the aspects of CANCER treatment including managing the non-medical aspects like shelter, insurances and the day to day household challenges can be completely overwhelming. 

We put children and their families first in all that we do!  The Morgan Frazier Cancer Foundation-is here to help guide you.

We put together a list of resources to help guide you to financial and other resources, educate you about research, put you in touch with other similar families and so much more.

Cancer Support Network

Emergency Assistance

Our families receive direct and immediate financial assistance for everyday expenses. Case workers refer qualified applicants to our organization and checks are typically processed within seven days.  An average of $500 per request is donated directly to families.

Common requests include:

·         Mortgage/rent payments

·         Utility bills

·         Groceries

·         Car payments

·         Hotel and travel expenses for families to travel to and from the hospital

·         Hospital parking and meals

Additional funding provided for:​

Funeral expenses

Crisis Management

We offer families affected by a CANCER diagnosis access to quarterly workshops on topics like managing stress, financial management and building family dynamics. All workshops are at no cost to individuals and families 

Each workshop is conducted by licensed industry professionals that volunteer their time and resources.