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 Spread Awareness-Grow the Gold

The ACCO motto “Go Gold®” was adopted by MFCF as a program in 2017 to describe multiple opportunities for children, families, corporations, and schools to help spread awareness about childhood cancer. There are many ways you can personally support our cause and/or encourage your family, school, or workplace to get involved and join in the fight to beat childhood cancer:

  • Organize a GO GOLD for Kids with Cancer Event®: each event raises crucial funds to provide information and support materials for children currently fighting cancer. These events also help spread awareness about current childhood cancer issues while creating supportive communities for local families who are dealing with the medical, emotional, and financial consequences of childhood cancer.

Ribbons send a clear message without saying a single word, which allows them to transcend language barriers and have far-reaching global impacts.

The international awareness symbol for Childhood Cancer is the gold ribbon. Unlike other cancer awareness ribbons, which focus on a singular type of cancer, the gold ribbon is a symbol for all forms of cancer affecting children and adolescents.

Arts In Medicine

Comedy Cures


Comedy Cures is one of our arts in medicine programs that uses the gift of comedy to offer families relief while going through CANCER treatment.  This program has two components.

  • Traveling Road Show-In partnership with Comedy Sportz Houston four times a year, we take a team of improv comics to the hospital to perform for kids with CANCER.

  • Date Night for Parents- Parents are invited for a night out on the town which includes dinner and tickets to a comedy show.

For more information on our partner, Comedy Sportz Houston showtimes CLICK HERE

For more information on how to refer a family for date night CLICK HERE

Adolescent and Sibling Support

Annual Toy Drive & Holiday Party

Our family Holiday party provides families the opportunity to received wish list gifts for the entire family.  Santa makes a visit to the kids currently in-patient at Texas Children' Hospital -main campus, The Woodlands and Katy campus during the holidays. 


Psyhcosocial progams

Emergency Assistance

Our families receive direct and immediate financial assistance for everyday expenses. Case workers refer qualified applicants to our organization and checks are typically processed within seven days.  An average of $500 per request is donated directly to families.

Common requests include:

·         Mortgage/rent payments

·         Utility bills

·         Groceries

·         Car payments

·         Hotel and travel expenses for families to travel to and from the hospital

·         Hospital parking and meals

Additional funding provided for:​

Funeral expenses

Crisis Management

Navigating all the aspects of CANCER treatment including managing the non-medical aspects like shelter, insurances and the day to day household challenges can be completely overwhelming. 

We offer families affected by a CANCER diagnosis access to quarterly workshops on topics like managing stress, financial management and building family dynamics. All workshops are at no cost to individuals and families 

Each workshop is conducted by licensed industry professionals that volunteer their time and resources.

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