What We Do
We focus on everyday needs for the family so parents can focus on the most important thing, caring for their child! 

Families who care for a child with cancer incur considerable costs during the diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up care phases of the disease. Four major themes emerged from this qualitative study as contributing factors for these expenses: necessary travel; loss of income because of a reduction or termination of parental employment; out-of-pocket treatment expenses; and inability to draw on assistance programs to supplement or replace lost income. In addition, many of the decisions with regard to the primary caregiver were gendered. Typically, the mother is the one who terminated or reduced work hours, which affected the entire family’s financial well-being.

Psychosocial care provides for the social. emotional, spiritual and physical needs for patients, parents, and caregivers. 

In other words the entire family!

Parking Assistance
Unmet Needs Assistance
Small Group Support
Survivorship Program